Friday, 16 May 2014

Photos I should have taken 2 years ago. x1

Every now and then I find myself talking about that time I just came to Glasgow and experienced that whole new beginning of student life. Being quite a planner I surprisingly didn't have any to do list or things I must do. To be honest I didn't even know much about Glasgow, or Scotland, or why I was doing all the stuff I was doing.
I remember my panic and anger when I broke my camera a couple hours before the flight and I couldn't have been more upset at that time. But perhaps this idea of being able to capture all best moments only with my heart and not camera made me have best time and enjoy it to the max.
The good thing is that I finally got to have my very own photo in my Hogwarts, Glasgow Uni Cloisters. Knowing much more about all these places in and around Glasgow, makes me appreciate it much more now. And it is really nice to be able to share all this with my closest people.

 I loved being a tourguide for ma lovely mama. After all, she is the one who tought me that being tourist is so much fun!  Being able to discover new places and travel has definitely become my all time motivation.

Patricija. xx

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