Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Glasgow Foods: Bread Meats Bread

When my mama visited Glasgow we went to check out pretty great burger place in city centre called Bread Meats Bread! The food was absolutely fantastic and I keep telling my friends about it all the time, so I decided it's better to show you some pictures, so you understand what's all the hype about.
 So Bread Meats Bread is a tiny little place on St Vincent Street with all street food style musts: shared tables, open kitchen and simple menu. There are filling burgers and sandwiches, poutine and a few other sides you may want to try out. The staff is really nice and food is being cooked so quickly!
We enjoyed Smokey Burger, Classic Poutine and big House Salad (as you can see on the picture together with a my happy face). Being a perfect shopping day lunch it made us full for a whole day and also oh so happy. There is something so special about burgers and all burger type meals that just make me so happy all the time, I am definitely coming back!

Patricija. xx

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