Sunday, 20 April 2014

Painted egg party.

One day, when I grow up and have my own family, Easter will be the greatest holiday in the house. It will a be a glorious feast with tones of chocolate after weeks of lent. I will put all the best decorations around the house and have a mad party. Everyone will be happy! Oh and I will also dress up my cat as a bunny!
That is a plan for very refreshing and warm holiday that keeps getting more meaningful to me every year, but for now I just get to chill in sunny Glasgow and paint Easter eggs in a very old fashioned way.

I also got a massive chocolate egg from my mum, which I ate, before the lunch (as you do..).
 This kind of Easter isn't that bad at all.

Patricija xx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New month new pancakes.

Every now and then I had thoughts about my coming birthday, about dinner with friends, or maybe just drinks, or maybe a party, about doing a wishlist post, or maybe just asking people to go traveling with me, or maybe just leave it alone and don't talk about it at all. It's not a surprise that I like my birthdays to bits, event though this date has been surrounded by so many negative memories and experiences. Every now and then I wonder what I want and how I want it and how to plan it all.

But here comes 1st of April and I realize, that my birthday is, OMG, in 3 days!!! All little thoughts and ideas create a big mess in my head and I know I just need to chill and let things happen in their own way. I may not have a party or birthday cake, although I really hope I do, but it will be all okay, I just know. I feel like I have enough and I am doing something meaningful and important with my life. I realize it every morning, when I drink my coffee, check my emails and write my everyday to do lists. Feeling happy and complete I go to bed every night and hug my cat and think about all the fun things I've done. Some days are good and some days are better. Instead of putting so much hopes and plans into that one day I try to enjoy my every day, because they all are so much fun. 
This is amazing guys, I am telling you!
 Talking about amazing things, here is the recipe I just cannot hide from all of the world.
I found the recipe for these healthy pancakes here and made them for breakfast a few times already. The only thing you need to do is to mix 2 eggs, banana and 1-2 spoons of oats together and add some cinnamon/muscat nut/vanilla extract or  anything else you fancy and leave in the fridge for 10 minutes. Cook as usual pancakes and serve with fruits and maple syrup.
Now you see what I mean by saying that every day is somehow amazing?!

Patricija xx