Thursday, 27 March 2014

Some days are peaceful.

The thing I like about Glasgow is that there are days I feel unbelievably peaceful. The thing I like even more is when these days happen to be Mondays of toughest week in March. 
After refreshing walk in the park and accidental cheesecake lunch I headed to our last Studio this semester and it happened to be my favourite one so far. We talked, we laughed, we had cookies. It was so good just make new friends again and enjoy the process, instead of avoiding it. I know for lots of Gusties this was kinda the end, but I felt as if it is some sort of a start for me, as if I finally learnt to appreciate this Monday part to bits.
We shared our love in big hugs and beautiful smiles and headed to the pub.
I like pub chats and some things people told me that night changed my ideas and thoughts about next year. The atmosphere was so special, I couldn't resist taking a picture.
 Here they are! These pretty faces and wide smiles meant so much to me. Such a boost of energy and support from each of them, even though they didn't even realise it.
Before this day could reach best ending possible, I followed Conor to his Capo meeting and got to draw cats in his notes while observing people drinking tea and making big decisions. 
It felt like such an incredible day, really. I do love Mondays after all!

Patricija xx

*Photos: GUST& me

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