Sunday, 23 March 2014

Week 10

It was week 10 in Glasgow Uni and almost a holiday week in my life. Working on my last assessments I realised, that all that spring (and even summer) fun and craziness is so so close, and started live every routine moment in a bit more festive way.

I actually truly love routine as it is. It gives me a power of control over my life as I kinda know what to expect for a fairly big amount of time. And you know, plan. I love to plan, cross things out of the list and tick boxes. This week I managed to finally to do some things I had on my to do lists, well, since January. And after sending out letters and organising a few future arrangements I went WILD.

Not like wild WILD, just routine WILD. With longer morning coffees and Tumblr study breaks, with a visit to a cinema and friend dates and cooking. With parties, showing up just a little late and getting attention just because my (terribly uncomfortable) shoes make very loud noise, but they do also really match with that little black dress..

I wish I had such an amazing balance of work and fun throughout all 10 weeks of that mad uni semester! This week of harmony and fun brings so much happiness into my life though, preparing me for my tests and exams and all these deadlines. The week before the last one is always somehow better, just because it is less tense and less scary, it is much more routine than any other week of uni. And I like my nice routine.

Patricija. x

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