Friday, 14 March 2014

GUST Swap Shop

I would lie if I said organizing such a simple event wasn't one of the biggest challenges for me. Feeling generally exhausted even small things seemed to be so tiring and even impossible sometimes. But after all discussions and announcements it was the day of the Swap Shop. And it was fun.


 I was stressing out in the morning, but seeing sunshine and people enjoying our event made me relaxed. I shamefully broke my lent promises by trying incredible brownies and that made me realize I shouldn't constrain myself with so many rules and expectations. Perfection is good, but mistakes can bring you so much fun.
 Finding something cool for other people was probably the most enjoyable part of the day. Seeing excited faces without that annoying 'Um I spent so much money' eyebrows is always good.
 I was sure I won't have any time or energy for picking up something for myself, but I was soo wrong and brought a huge bag home. Here they are!
 I decided to get this shirt, which actually belonged to my bf, absolutely accidentally. I was walking around and trying different things on just for fun. And it happened - perfect fit and also incredibly matching with my skirt colors. One more nail polish in my collection and a book. I wanted to read Sherlock Holmes ever since I saw incredible TV show.
I sometimes can't believe how people give away such a cool stuff! This bag is so adorable. I can't wait for holidays when I don't need to carry million books around and can wear this beauty all the time. Last thing is that tiny black jacket. It was more an impulsive pick, but we'll see if I get a good use of it.

Patricija xx

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