Saturday, 1 February 2014

For the start.

I may have messed up January. Somewhere in between parties and hard work I forgot to answer important emails, stick to things I really like and just give myself a wee break. But you know what, with all that Chinese New Year stuff I set myself a new fresh start, a new fresh year. I wrote this post shortly after actual New Year happened and even though it might have been much more meaningful then, these thoughts are still oh so right and matching to what I experience and believe. 

 Last year thought me one of most important truths. People come and go. Some of them leave quietly and only after some time you realize that there is an empty space in the room, in your heart as well. Some of them leave mess and confusion loudly closing the door. The most important ones leave with no reasons or explanations. These loses that cannot be managed or controlled, these ones that create emptiness in your heart and it feels as there is not enough air for you in this world, are the hardest.
People come and go, coz maybe that's the true thing they say that all people are just strangers.

Saying bitter goodbyes to last year I knew there are things I can't get back and change. There were so many tears and panic attacks, there were so many disappointments and tragedies. There were so many bright and truly happy moments though. It was never that hard to come up with some wishes and aims for new year, really. It seems that the more I lose, the more I have. Or maybe new years just bring me the incredible satisfaction with everything I have, so I stop living for hopes and dreams.

Still working on my resolutions' list I know, that this year will be so much more about people. Old good friends and new contacts. About working on every single relationship I have in my life, having cute coffee meet-ups, travels and long chats. About listening and reflecting, sharing thoughts and ideas and laughing. Coz that's the only way to happiness.  

I may have messed up January, but my February is well-planned, so be ready!


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