Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bits of January. Part 2.

My 'fashionably late' excuses become crazy recently. With half an hour late for a Valentine's date or halfway through February still posting about January highlights I feel I bit guilty. But after all the point is to find that perfect very last moments before crossing 'acceptable' line, so here I come.

My second part of January was mainly concentrated on GUST, generating new ideas and filming beautiful people, having fun and sorting out important tasks. I feel like my life would just become empty without all my Student TV friends and things we do.

The Ceildih we organized was such as success. So many people and so much fun. It was the first time I danced every single dance and managed to do it quite well. Catching up with everyone definitely set a perfect start for new semester.

The perfect start for working and filming.
And while Studio's are fun, I love times when we film events and performances. The second of realizing that here is that incredible moment and you become an eternal part of it capturing it all.

 I was standing at the very corner filming James Vincent McMorrow and that was the moment I felt truly blessed. Having one hell of the crappy week I was insanely close from cancelling and staying at home, but I am so glad I found that very last bits of energy. What a great night!

I guess this is what January was about. Going beyond capabilities and working hard as never before. Setting up new standards and new beliefs. I already have some fun results of all of that and I can't wait to share them here on the blog oh so soon!

*Special thanks to my dear gusties for all the Ceildih pictures.

Patricija xx.

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