Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bits of January. Part 1.

Let's rush through bits of January and remember all these fun moments, coz there is definitely so much to recall!

I met not so frosty January with one of my besties and her friends. It was an interesting change to meet New Year with people I don't really know and just observe how every single one of them expresses new year happiness in an absolutely different way. It may have been first new year so distinct from all the traditions and family, but I've got to try my aunties cake the morning after. And obviously (obviously!) found the lucky coin!

And I was lucky one to spend my first January days with my lovely family! We treated ourselves with a trip to fancy cinema. And even though the movie wasn't that good, we really enjoyed it! You know, it's all about the popcorn anyway :D

After such an intense winter holidays the only rest time I had was 3 hours flight. Because there it was, new year/new opportunities/new plans, yet same old crazy life..

Photos: me and Dominyka Bacanskaite.


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