Friday, 16 May 2014

Photos I should have taken 2 years ago. x1

Every now and then I find myself talking about that time I just came to Glasgow and experienced that whole new beginning of student life. Being quite a planner I surprisingly didn't have any to do list or things I must do. To be honest I didn't even know much about Glasgow, or Scotland, or why I was doing all the stuff I was doing.
I remember my panic and anger when I broke my camera a couple hours before the flight and I couldn't have been more upset at that time. But perhaps this idea of being able to capture all best moments only with my heart and not camera made me have best time and enjoy it to the max.
The good thing is that I finally got to have my very own photo in my Hogwarts, Glasgow Uni Cloisters. Knowing much more about all these places in and around Glasgow, makes me appreciate it much more now. And it is really nice to be able to share all this with my closest people.

 I loved being a tourguide for ma lovely mama. After all, she is the one who tought me that being tourist is so much fun!  Being able to discover new places and travel has definitely become my all time motivation.

Patricija. xx

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Glasgow Foods: Bread Meats Bread

When my mama visited Glasgow we went to check out pretty great burger place in city centre called Bread Meats Bread! The food was absolutely fantastic and I keep telling my friends about it all the time, so I decided it's better to show you some pictures, so you understand what's all the hype about.
 So Bread Meats Bread is a tiny little place on St Vincent Street with all street food style musts: shared tables, open kitchen and simple menu. There are filling burgers and sandwiches, poutine and a few other sides you may want to try out. The staff is really nice and food is being cooked so quickly!
We enjoyed Smokey Burger, Classic Poutine and big House Salad (as you can see on the picture together with a my happy face). Being a perfect shopping day lunch it made us full for a whole day and also oh so happy. There is something so special about burgers and all burger type meals that just make me so happy all the time, I am definitely coming back!

Patricija. xx

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Set yourself a new start

Sometimes it is worth setting yourself a whole new start and deciding that after all you are a fully grown up human being and not a silly baby elephant despite you being all angry/upset and wanting just throw yourself into the mud. So here I am doing this today, because it is 1st of May and seems that it is an appropriate date for a new start, at least in a human world.

Elephants are so cute though, don't you think?


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Painted egg party.

One day, when I grow up and have my own family, Easter will be the greatest holiday in the house. It will a be a glorious feast with tones of chocolate after weeks of lent. I will put all the best decorations around the house and have a mad party. Everyone will be happy! Oh and I will also dress up my cat as a bunny!
That is a plan for very refreshing and warm holiday that keeps getting more meaningful to me every year, but for now I just get to chill in sunny Glasgow and paint Easter eggs in a very old fashioned way.

I also got a massive chocolate egg from my mum, which I ate, before the lunch (as you do..).
 This kind of Easter isn't that bad at all.

Patricija xx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New month new pancakes.

Every now and then I had thoughts about my coming birthday, about dinner with friends, or maybe just drinks, or maybe a party, about doing a wishlist post, or maybe just asking people to go traveling with me, or maybe just leave it alone and don't talk about it at all. It's not a surprise that I like my birthdays to bits, event though this date has been surrounded by so many negative memories and experiences. Every now and then I wonder what I want and how I want it and how to plan it all.

But here comes 1st of April and I realize, that my birthday is, OMG, in 3 days!!! All little thoughts and ideas create a big mess in my head and I know I just need to chill and let things happen in their own way. I may not have a party or birthday cake, although I really hope I do, but it will be all okay, I just know. I feel like I have enough and I am doing something meaningful and important with my life. I realize it every morning, when I drink my coffee, check my emails and write my everyday to do lists. Feeling happy and complete I go to bed every night and hug my cat and think about all the fun things I've done. Some days are good and some days are better. Instead of putting so much hopes and plans into that one day I try to enjoy my every day, because they all are so much fun. 
This is amazing guys, I am telling you!
 Talking about amazing things, here is the recipe I just cannot hide from all of the world.
I found the recipe for these healthy pancakes here and made them for breakfast a few times already. The only thing you need to do is to mix 2 eggs, banana and 1-2 spoons of oats together and add some cinnamon/muscat nut/vanilla extract or  anything else you fancy and leave in the fridge for 10 minutes. Cook as usual pancakes and serve with fruits and maple syrup.
Now you see what I mean by saying that every day is somehow amazing?!

Patricija xx

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Some days are peaceful.

The thing I like about Glasgow is that there are days I feel unbelievably peaceful. The thing I like even more is when these days happen to be Mondays of toughest week in March. 
After refreshing walk in the park and accidental cheesecake lunch I headed to our last Studio this semester and it happened to be my favourite one so far. We talked, we laughed, we had cookies. It was so good just make new friends again and enjoy the process, instead of avoiding it. I know for lots of Gusties this was kinda the end, but I felt as if it is some sort of a start for me, as if I finally learnt to appreciate this Monday part to bits.
We shared our love in big hugs and beautiful smiles and headed to the pub.
I like pub chats and some things people told me that night changed my ideas and thoughts about next year. The atmosphere was so special, I couldn't resist taking a picture.
 Here they are! These pretty faces and wide smiles meant so much to me. Such a boost of energy and support from each of them, even though they didn't even realise it.
Before this day could reach best ending possible, I followed Conor to his Capo meeting and got to draw cats in his notes while observing people drinking tea and making big decisions. 
It felt like such an incredible day, really. I do love Mondays after all!

Patricija xx

*Photos: GUST& me

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Week 10

It was week 10 in Glasgow Uni and almost a holiday week in my life. Working on my last assessments I realised, that all that spring (and even summer) fun and craziness is so so close, and started live every routine moment in a bit more festive way.

I actually truly love routine as it is. It gives me a power of control over my life as I kinda know what to expect for a fairly big amount of time. And you know, plan. I love to plan, cross things out of the list and tick boxes. This week I managed to finally to do some things I had on my to do lists, well, since January. And after sending out letters and organising a few future arrangements I went WILD.

Not like wild WILD, just routine WILD. With longer morning coffees and Tumblr study breaks, with a visit to a cinema and friend dates and cooking. With parties, showing up just a little late and getting attention just because my (terribly uncomfortable) shoes make very loud noise, but they do also really match with that little black dress..

I wish I had such an amazing balance of work and fun throughout all 10 weeks of that mad uni semester! This week of harmony and fun brings so much happiness into my life though, preparing me for my tests and exams and all these deadlines. The week before the last one is always somehow better, just because it is less tense and less scary, it is much more routine than any other week of uni. And I like my nice routine.

Patricija. x

Friday, 14 March 2014

GUST Swap Shop

I would lie if I said organizing such a simple event wasn't one of the biggest challenges for me. Feeling generally exhausted even small things seemed to be so tiring and even impossible sometimes. But after all discussions and announcements it was the day of the Swap Shop. And it was fun.


 I was stressing out in the morning, but seeing sunshine and people enjoying our event made me relaxed. I shamefully broke my lent promises by trying incredible brownies and that made me realize I shouldn't constrain myself with so many rules and expectations. Perfection is good, but mistakes can bring you so much fun.
 Finding something cool for other people was probably the most enjoyable part of the day. Seeing excited faces without that annoying 'Um I spent so much money' eyebrows is always good.
 I was sure I won't have any time or energy for picking up something for myself, but I was soo wrong and brought a huge bag home. Here they are!
 I decided to get this shirt, which actually belonged to my bf, absolutely accidentally. I was walking around and trying different things on just for fun. And it happened - perfect fit and also incredibly matching with my skirt colors. One more nail polish in my collection and a book. I wanted to read Sherlock Holmes ever since I saw incredible TV show.
I sometimes can't believe how people give away such a cool stuff! This bag is so adorable. I can't wait for holidays when I don't need to carry million books around and can wear this beauty all the time. Last thing is that tiny black jacket. It was more an impulsive pick, but we'll see if I get a good use of it.

Patricija xx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

March hatred

I hate March and the ignorance it brings in people. When the sun is shining, but wind makes your throat sore. When the day is longer, but nights are too short to rest. When everything goes the wrong way.
 Going through a bit of hell here and I cry in the public sometimes and race with deadlines. Paint my nails and bite my nails. Break lent promises and lie about it, sometimes even to myself. Life goes on. Just all the wrong way.

Patricija x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How does my work work.

I have never been one of these people sitting at the cute cafes and looking at strangers passing by, creating their life stories in my mind and thinking about their life issues and concerns. I guess I have always been too much into myself and my life excitements. If not, I would just write. On the papers or even napkins, I don't mind. 

I DO like, however, observing people and noticing little bits of their personalities so clearly expressed in their moves and actions. Behind the camera preferably...

I took these pics on Great Gatsby Ball and it's just a few of my personal favorite ones.  
Thought I'd please your eyes a bit instead of long readings. 
Go on, create some stories in your heads!

Patricija xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bits of January. Part 2.

My 'fashionably late' excuses become crazy recently. With half an hour late for a Valentine's date or halfway through February still posting about January highlights I feel I bit guilty. But after all the point is to find that perfect very last moments before crossing 'acceptable' line, so here I come.

My second part of January was mainly concentrated on GUST, generating new ideas and filming beautiful people, having fun and sorting out important tasks. I feel like my life would just become empty without all my Student TV friends and things we do.

The Ceildih we organized was such as success. So many people and so much fun. It was the first time I danced every single dance and managed to do it quite well. Catching up with everyone definitely set a perfect start for new semester.

The perfect start for working and filming.
And while Studio's are fun, I love times when we film events and performances. The second of realizing that here is that incredible moment and you become an eternal part of it capturing it all.

 I was standing at the very corner filming James Vincent McMorrow and that was the moment I felt truly blessed. Having one hell of the crappy week I was insanely close from cancelling and staying at home, but I am so glad I found that very last bits of energy. What a great night!

I guess this is what January was about. Going beyond capabilities and working hard as never before. Setting up new standards and new beliefs. I already have some fun results of all of that and I can't wait to share them here on the blog oh so soon!

*Special thanks to my dear gusties for all the Ceildih pictures.

Patricija xx.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bits of January. Part 1.

Let's rush through bits of January and remember all these fun moments, coz there is definitely so much to recall!

I met not so frosty January with one of my besties and her friends. It was an interesting change to meet New Year with people I don't really know and just observe how every single one of them expresses new year happiness in an absolutely different way. It may have been first new year so distinct from all the traditions and family, but I've got to try my aunties cake the morning after. And obviously (obviously!) found the lucky coin!

And I was lucky one to spend my first January days with my lovely family! We treated ourselves with a trip to fancy cinema. And even though the movie wasn't that good, we really enjoyed it! You know, it's all about the popcorn anyway :D

After such an intense winter holidays the only rest time I had was 3 hours flight. Because there it was, new year/new opportunities/new plans, yet same old crazy life..

Photos: me and Dominyka Bacanskaite.