Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmassy GUST

I was wondering what is that one special thing that creates the whole Christmas atmosphere. All Christmas songs, lights and food are very subjective and lots of people hate them, I can't say that Christmas is about any special place and what is even more interesting is that every year Christmas starts at absolutely different times.  And while being in Glasgow I do not decorate my room and don't buy advent calendar I tried to think when did I feel especially Christmassy.

And so I realized that Christmas is about nothing, but family. That warm and pleasant environment full of happiness, trust and respect. That one group of funniest and weirdest people sharing joy and continuously learning from each other. Little arguments and worries, of course. But ones always ending with massive reunions and celebrations.

There is absolutely nothing greater than family that can make Christmas more incredible and enjoyable. 
So glad I am blessed to have  more than one!

Patricija xx
Pictures were taken by me, Jonny Little and Kristian Hentschel.
Many thanks guys!!

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