Saturday, 23 November 2013

One happy day

I didn't expect second year to be so challenging, so demanding and overwhelming. Catching every possible chance and using all opportunities I got so tired, a bit miserable as well. Being responsible and organized is hard sucks. While so much stuff happened to me these past few months, I got lost in all responsibilities and chores and just couldn't evaluate how important and valuable all that experience was. Sitting in an empty quiet corner of the bookshop today I was reading some books from the section I always ignore. Hearing all the noise from outside I realized that I was separated from all that rush, people and traffic, enjoying quiet moment of doing something that I haven't planned before, ignoring timing and not needing to capture something because I was fully living the moment. I felt so happy. 
Those few minutes influenced all my day and made me do lots of things I wouldn't otherwise. I love these days of happiness after months of hard work. I most definitely love my second year of uni, so hard and challenging, but so rewarding after all. :)


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