Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Interview with Crystal Fighters.

 I discovered them in 2010 when me and my friends experienced all that summer festival craziness for the first time. Crystal Fighters' performance was magic, their music was just something our young wild soles were striving for. I remember in the middle of the gig it started raining and that was such a relief in the incredible Lithuanian summer heat. The mix of fresh air, music, wild dances and best friends around was one of the most incredible moments in my life.

 Crystal Fighters were special, however not being a particular music freak I just let it go. I had their tunes on my playlist ever since, but that was it. 
(At least I thought so..)

But you know life, things just happen. I've got to film an interview with Gilbert from Crystal Fighters and just by accident my name appeared on guest list for their performance in Glasgow. 

 And while their music has obviously changed, it's still so incredibly bewitching. 
Being the part of the crowd I realized how much things have changed in just 3 years. All hard work pays off and being in the place where I have all these random opportunities I am so happy to know that I'm on the right track and still able to be happy in such an amusing way.


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