Thursday, 5 September 2013

Unknown moments

Recalling summer I don't want to think about those major events that happened. I traveled, worked (a little bit), visited my hometown and experienced summer days in Scotland. What matters, however, are not those giant changes, but moments. Incredible moments we usually forget. Moments with family and friends, fun and crazy ones. This is what matters.
Moment * Early morning coffee with my mama before the flight.
Moment * Food afternoons with Conor when we order an ice cream for each other and are sure it's the perfect choice.
Moment * Crazy flatmate is back and we cook noodles.
Moment * When Scotland becomes your home and your life, but still looks funny.

 Moment * When taking the wrong train becomes a wee habit.

 Moment * When some conversations are more honest and open as usually.
 Moment * When one crazy Scottish bastard and Eastern European girl take hipster pictures in the hipster place.
Moment * When we talk. When we talk and it's the best thing in the world.

This is what matters.



  1. Griebė už širdies net. Ypač dvi paskutinės eilutės ir mielybė nuotraukoje. :*

    1. O branguti ;* Trūksta tik tavo foto čia labai!xx