Monday, 9 September 2013

September highlights

September is always a change. A change in weather, activities and lifestyle. It's that magic time when being busy is still fun and exciting, every new person you meet and every event you attend seems to be an amazing opportunity and smile just sticks to your face. I am always looking forward to it. Bringing some change to my blog I decided to prepare this wee 'thoughts and plans' post instead of the usual one.

A couple of days ago we celebrated one year anniversary of our life in Scotland. It's been really exciting to look back at everything that happened to the three of us throughout the year. Facing all the changes and challenges I still believe it was an absolutely enjoyable and adventurous year. And I believe the second one is going to be even better, especially now as we all are more experienced and mature. Being a lucky duck I've got an amazing chance to be a Freshers' Helper. Recalling memories from the last year I though I can write a wee post about Freshers just before I get caught in all that crazy helper's routine. You better not miss it!

 Another thing I am really excited about is the flat life with my crazy girl Silvija. I absolutely adore our friendship and the way we understand each other. Little fights and movie nights, cooking together and cooking for each other. We had the number of great nights in our flat during summertime and so much more are still in our plans. In the meantime Silvija is preparing a wee guest post. You can probably guess it is about food and fun, well what else could it be about? :D
Talking about food I feel that I am going to write about it more and more often. Cold season just makes me think about comfort food all the time and even though I tend to improvise in the kitchen nowadays I've got some recipes I really want to try out. Almond Milk Pancakes for some cozy mornings and White Bean + Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Peppers. Both sound like experiments, as I've never tried almond milk and never cooked stuffed peppers! 

I also keep exploring this incredible country and Glasgow city. On one of our fun dates me and Conor visited an incredible place in Glasgow. I will share my best discoveries on the blog, promise.
Even when it's just shoes. I keep dreaming about that pair of boots since the very first moment I saw them. New season also means new shoes, right?  :)


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