Saturday, 14 September 2013

Fresha, are ya ready?

Hey Hey you cute face!
You probably all excited, full of ideas and expectations, also wondering what next year is going to be like. A bit lost, you don't know what to expect and how to behave. Nodding while reading this?

I know. A bit more than a year ago I was that lost and confused fresher. I was trying to find out what the Uni life is going to be like, what the freshers' week is all about and lots of other answers to weird questions. I didn't find proper full answers. I guess Uni life is such a unique and incredible experience it's almost impossible to explain it to someone else. Still I wanted to share some ideas about the freshers' week with all the new students, so here we go fresha read this and have fun!
I'm a foreigner, I came to Uni not knowing what the hell freshers' week is. My one and only guide into UK's student life was Rosie and her amazing post about the life being a student. I love how she throws those simple rules at you and leaves the rest of the adventure for you to create. It's amazing, it's magic. Read it!

Freshers' Week is probably going to be a one hell crazy mixture of million new people, flayers, free food and lots of parties. Be ready, be prepared. It's the best week of your life you will never remember, but you will never forget. Use every chance and every single opportunity, because if there is time in your life when you have to follow simple 'live as if there were no tomorrow rule', it's now.

I remember checking Youtube and Google for videos and pictures, however there is nothing more informative and than GUST videos from FW2012 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Watching all this videos I just can't stay quite and I wish I've seen something like that last year before discovering all this fun life myself!

Freshers' week is crazy, fun and very chaotic. There is no clear rules and guides. Take it easy! Chat with new people, because it'll never be as easy as during FW. Be simple. Be fun. Be yourself.


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