Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Life with sisters

Being sisters. Sharing a bed during family holidays. Pretending you are heroes from your favorite TV show. Protecting each other in family fights. Laughing at words and gossiping. Running away and creating little rituals. Saving an extra piece of cake so you can secretly enjoy it later. Having same bruises on your legs from your stupid adventures. Buy the same sunglasses. Hug each other. Say truth. Never stop taking selfies. Laugh. Be sisters. 

My mum once said 'If you wake up little Patricija in the middle of her sweetest dreams and ask who is her best best best friend, she will definitely say it's her sister'. Guess there is just something crazy about having that somehow different version of you in this world. Happy birthday Sis!xxxx
Seemed like a perfect day to share some fun sister memories from our Family Road Trip this summer. So glad we had that time!

 Reading men magazines on the beach, having late night swimming hours and casual bed fights. That trip was so relaxed and 'sistery'.

 My sister takes the most incredible pictures ever. She also wants to be a bit hipstery chic. Instagraming pictures of her food, eating macaroons and quoting Gossip Girl she is the cutest engineer woman I've ever met!

 And there is definitely not enough words in the entire world to describe how much I love these two ducks.
 Our mamas are heroes for having enough patience with such crazy kids. I hope one day we will grow up and be that cool and amazing as they are. I'm so glad to be a part of this family!

–°heers Sis, hope you having lots of fun! xxxx


  1. Looks like a lovely holiday!

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  2. Amazing pictures!Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
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