Tuesday, 27 August 2013

July days. Riverside Museum

It seems so right and natural to travel, explore and get to know that new place you just came to. Making little steps which get you from 'completely new world' to 'comfortable home place' is both inevitable and absolutely exciting. However, it does sometimes happen that you come to a new place and your inner crazy life engines just stop for a while. After such a big change in the life it may be better just to calm down and appreciate the fact you had enough strength and enthusiasm to move there and survive. Life doesn't stop, not at all. There just isn't so much desire to explore and experiment every single day. And that is normal. Totally.
I know that, because it took me almost one year to adapt and understand what is the world surrounding me. During last two years at school I was so concentrated on studies abroad and on getting into Glasgow Uni that I took that year as one huge break. I broke my camera (not intentionally), I stopped blogging (intentionally). I just lived that life I was always dreaming about. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every single day and every single moment. I did miss out on lots of opportunities though. That realization came to me when I came back to my hometown in Lithuania. Seeing how much my views and ideas have changed made me understand that I needed that one year break. To set up new goals, to find people who'd be up for some absolutely crazy adventures with me, to get ready and inspired. 

For something spontaneous as our trip to Troon, fun as our day in Edinburgh or simple as our wee museum adventure.
 When Silvija just came back to Glasgow we decided to swap our afternoon naps for a visit to a museum. The Riverside Museum is so close to the place where we live that we can see it from our lounge window. Seemed like a perfect coincidence.

 It is definitely one of the best museums in Glasgow. Perfect in its size and atmosphere!

 We also had a quick tour to the Tall Ship, which is right next to the museum.


 It just feels so good to get to know Glasgow better. I like how we get to explore the other side of Glasgow (or at least the other side of the West End) since we moved to a bit different location and we get to see the city from a different perspective. Guess this is what we have to do sometimes - change the way we look at it.

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