Sunday, 4 August 2013

Family Road Trip X7

Enjoying my life, every day, every minute. I feel so complete and satisfied with every single thing happening to me. My crazy flatmate, my handsome bf, my funny friends, future life changes, work and studies, exploring Glasgow and little secret travel plans. Everything just seems to create a nice balance and match together. Next few weeks are going to be a bit busier, so I just keep being lazy. It's actually so good to finally learn being lazy and use this pleasant time for those little things I've never had time before. Not gonna lie, it's all just the result of perfectly successful holidays. Well, must be, if I still keep posting pictures from June holidays even though it's August already. But, you know, it's all just so nice to remember again and again. So inspiring as well :)

 Our last days we spent visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park. It's sort of a giant area full of incredible landscapes - lakes, waterfalls, alleys, wee woods and mountains. Apparently it's very very old park, which is one of the most famous Croatian tourist attractions for years now. And you clearly see why...
 We chose 4-6 hours route and began our adventure being lucky enough to enjoy all these views in perfect weather. Even though it was sunny, crazy summer heat has disappeared for a few days.
 It just felt so good being in the place where the one can feel the total power or the nature. All possible green colors, crystal clear water and wee fishes entertaining tourists - like a dream.
 I love the fact we were traveling alone, so we could stop whenever we want and choose our own pace of walking. My mum kept telling us funny stories she read while my sister was dreaming about accidentally falling to one of those lakes. You know, such a fishy girl.
 The morning before the trip I felt really bad and was suffering from food poisoning, but all that nice atmosphere made me forget about all the bad stuff. So relaxing that walk was.
 I can definitely say that we all were enjoying ourselves that day.

 Every time we passed a huge waterfall or beautiful lake or even weird cave, we sort of thought that we saw the most beautiful part or the park. But after a few more minutes we had to admit that we were wrong.

 Magic family day it was.
 And after 6 hours of walking, taking pictures, laughing and saying those "OMG, look at this" words we were much happier and full of energy.



  1. Looks like you had tons of fun! It seems so beautiful!

    1. Thanks! That was an absolutely magic adventure :)

  2. This place looks GORGEOUS!

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    Thanks x

    1. Thanks :)
      Good luck with blogging x

  3. This looks absolutely stunning - gorgeous!

    1. I know! Still can't believe I've been there :)