Thursday, 22 August 2013

August. Edinburgh. Fringe. Anoesis.

Some people find August an extremely depressing time and keep being moody about school/work/winter and all that shizz coming while others enjoy their last chance to rock and party, head to all sunny hot islands and beaches, enjoy freedom, life and love. What about me? I am just being lazy. Yes, I can easily spend a whole day in bed, watching movies and reading blogs, having a few coffees and wandering around our tiny kitchen while my flatmate is cooking some yummy food. Don't get me wrong, I do obviously get out, go to work, go see my friends, party and do some fun crazy stuff. But I am not panicking every time I have a free day or hour and no clear plan. It's okay to be extra relaxed and enjoy long sleeps and chill afternoons. And then, there are days full of events and people, full of movement and joy. Keeping that relaxed-fun balance is what August is for me. After all, time we enjoy wasting is not wasted time, right?
But let's come back to those busy days...
 Edinburgh. That was our plan for last Saturday. I was looking forward to it for ages, however after some long shifts at work I was pretty knackered. Luckily my friend Carl knows Edinburgh, so I didn't have to worry about directions. Enjoying my coffee and funny morning chats, I let him guide.
We followed masses of people and got to experience some Fringe fun moments.

And also had a wee run away from all that  fuss.
Countless number of performers as well as flyers' distributors create all that festival buzz. Some artists are funny, some are serious and dramatic, some of them are not even artists to be honest. Beautiful Edinburgh streets are place for everyone. It all is just like a huge mess. A beautiful huge mess.

  I am not a particular street performers' fan type. Not at all. Sometimes, actually quite often I found them silly and inappropriate, however I pushed all my judgements away and kept my eyes open. Unfortunately my camera didn't capture some views I really enjoyed. Such as a guy dancing with a wee glass ball with the Amelie music on the background. And a group of enthusiastic dancers. Oh well. I do have a picture of this guy though. Carl insisted we stick around for a while, so we checked out his tricks.
The main thing we came to Edinburgh was our friends' Junction 25 show Anoesis. The show about exams, education and systems, and also how we all are restricted by all the rules, expectations and traditional ways of achieving a success...
It seems that these young actors really know what they are doing, as there are lots of reviews on the Internet (The Times, Total Theatre, The Guardian, A Younger Theatre and much more). They were nominated for Total Theatre Awards 2013, had a wee minute of fame on the radio and just enjoyed their time in Edinburgh. I like how they keep being extra excited about every single show, even though it can be really tiring. I was sort of familiar with the show even before I saw it. (Or should I say, participated?). I think it was weird though. I loved some parts, but I also had some negative feelings about other ones. I can't be objective. I really love actors and that makes me adore their work.
We hung around with Junction team for a while and as they headed to their temporary home  we headed to our actual ones. I don't think I could manage more adventures in one day. I mean Edinburgh buzz, fringe performers and pretty intense Anoesis show was enough for my tired sleepy head.
Sneaky picture of panda girls at the train station included. :D


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