Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Family Road Trip X1

Sooo I think I just can't wait any longer and have to share all these memories in my head and all these pictures on my computer.
It started when all 6 family members realized they have their holidays at the same time, that thought also came with realization they have a car, a few cameras and huge courage to spend almost three weeks together. To make sure they not gonna kill each other they have chosen some pretty awesome places to stay and fun activities to do. And what do you think? All 6 of us still alive, after 6000 km ride and seeing 8 countries. We came home with our new family jokes, songs and names, pretty nice tan and energy for new beginnings. Equally as strong as the one you get after real Italian espresso. 

 One sunny Italian morning we took a shuttle to Venice. With no clear plan or route we were ready to wander in those teeny tiny streets enjoying the best of Italian - pizza and gelato, of course :)

 While we were taking a waterbus I had a quick chat with one middle-aged Italian lady who commented on all the buildings we were passing. No, I don't speak Italian, neither did that lady speak english. It was nice, though. 

Piazza San Marco was on your 'must see' list. And even though we came there in the morning it was all packed with 'hungry' tourists, taking pictures, trying to realize the grace of that place and not get lost, in the meantime. I am not a fan of those crowded places, so after we took a few shoots and my auntie met her co-worker (because well, that world is so small, apparently) we went to discover the rest of the city.

 We had a slice of pizza bought from that clearly not italian guy, found the most quiet street and sat by the canal for a while, tried to hide in the shadow and had a good laugh at some daily habits of the people living there. Just typical one day trip to Venice and that is for sure.
 By the time we walked up Rialto bridge the sun reached the peak as well as the number of tourists. I guess that was the moment I though I had enough of Venice and wanted to hide in some cold corner of a local shop. We went on a wee souvenirs' shopping instead and survived it distracted by all that beauty and fun.

 And just after my sister tried on almost every mask in those kiosks *jokejoke* and my uncle bought a t-shirt with Venice's name on it *notjoke* *it was a nice tshirt btw*, we decided we need some rest. Some lunch and local attractions, gondola of course. :)

We sang along with our gondolier and watched locals moving to a new flat carrying all their stuff in a few boats. I guess this is what I like about Italy, is that people are not scared to demonstrate funny little bits of their daily life together with awesome architecture and incredible nature.

 We may have not had enough energy, but we definitely haven't had plenty of time so after setting up our final destination we started to walk a bit faster.
 Still made a quick stop at opera house. Sang, laugh and checked out that very interesting exhibition of Murano glass.

Grabbed our last little presents for our fridges and keys *you know what I mean haha* and walked across a few more bridges before we headed back to the campsite we stayed at, cooked a dinner and enjoyed our beds. It was tiring, but really fun day. 

* I think it is pretty obvious that copyrights for pictures are hold by every each of us, however special thanks to my sister*


  1. Dahh, I'm so jealous xoxo
    Perfect pictures and your smiles even let to feel the atmosphere of Venice :*