Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Family Road Trip X6

I want to show you pictures from Dubrovnik. But first of all I want to show these pictures to myself. I know, sounds weird, but I haven't really seen that city and its beauty when I visited it. Everything I can remember is heat and crowds of people. I know how painful traveling in summertime can be, but I have never experienced something more tiring and disappointing than this short day trip to Dubrovnik. I tried to stay in shades as long as possible, but it didn't really help, to be honest. It was probably the first time when I felt so vulnerable and broken-down. Wanted to cry and disappear from this planet, but kept taking pictures, thankfully.


 For a while I though it's just too much sun, but the number of pictures proved it was real Santa enjoying some cool water in the heat!

 It is actually amazing, how beautiful that city is. Full of diversity and little cute details the one would expect from a typical tourist destination.
 I should probably give it one more chance and visit it in winter time, when it's all different, yet charming. But negative memories, and, let's be honest, way too high prices stop me from coming back anytime soon.

 And if it hadn't been that bit of sea and stone beach I wouldn't have probably survived the day.
 We were lucky enough to stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina and have a delicious lunch with some magic views. The sun stopped being that hot and cruel, and, look, we've found some energy to smile!
I guess I decided it's the best time to show these pictures, because they express how ironic our life can be. Surrounded by all the beauty we may not be able to enjoy it. I felt sort of the same way past few days when I was doing all these things I was dreaming about and my self-improving plans started to become real, and still, I am full of doubts and wonders. I really need some support right now I guess, but in the meantime I feel I am just being the source of support to others. After looking at those pictures again and again I actually come to realization that it is all here with us, we just have to learn to see all that magic, right?



  1. I heard Dubrovnik is sooo pretty. I really have to go!

    1. It is, just try to avoid tiring summer heat and you'll enjoy it! :)