Sunday, 28 July 2013

Family Road Trip X5

That magic of heat and sun in Glasgow has ended just as quickly as it started, oh well. We are not bored though. Job hunting and new exciting life plans with my crazy flatmate keep me sane and happy. We also celebrated Conor's 19th (huuraaaayy!!!), so a little bit of lazy sleep time is something I am enjoying right now haha. In the meantime I keep checking out the rest of holiday pictures I have. Love the ones from Trogir, little seaside town we visited one beautiful afternoon. Old streets full of amazing architecture details and our happy faces look perfect together. I guess this is what I loved about that town, we all were sooo happy there! 

 We finally took a full family pic, even though it was a bit of selfie...
I guess this picture counts as family picture as well :D

 I'm glad I manage to keep that enthusiasm and positive attitude even though it's been a month since we came back from that trip. Guess that is a win!


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