Saturday, 20 July 2013

Family Road Trip X4

One more 'no clothes' day in Scotland. So hot and sunny, and don't worry I am not staying at home all day. This weather reminded me of one really hot day in Croatia when we went on a fish picnic to the island called Brac. Just sharing a few more beautiful pictures and going to have some fun in the sun.

It all began when I tried to wake my sisters up singing 'fish picnic' song and dancing as a weirdo. And oh well, guess that didn't work as well as I expected as we all were a bit quiet and moody in the beginning.
 It didn't last long though, because who can stay sad and mad surrounded by all this beauty?

 We grabbed cold coffee and went to explore old streets of the town.

 But to be honest we were more interested in shades and wind rather than details of architecture or history. Oh well.
 Still can't stay we didn't enjoy it! Just look at our stunning mamas :)
 After enjoying the grace of old town we headed to the beach and tried to fight the heat in water.
 Which was really enjoyable, as you can guess.

 The water was magic and we soon had lots of energy for wide smiles and crazy water games.
 And you know... splashing!

 I don't know why is it, that islands usually have a bit more charm than mainland. All those seaside cafes, lots of boats and cute little houses.
 We had to leave for lunch and rest we really needed.
So cheerful island birds gave us a goodbye wave. 


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