Friday, 19 July 2013

Family Road Trip X3

I think it is just the right time for beach holiday pictures as heatwave and tons of sunshine attacks that rainy island and there is summer in the rest of this planet anyway. So here they are!
We all decided it would be better to stay in a little seaside town with no city buzz and masses of people. I guess nice mountain/sea views were something what we were looking forward to.
  We were enjoying ourselves in the sun and cool salty water. Fishing wee crabs and splashing sea drops on each other.

And you know... just being fabulous!

When the heat started to annoy us we hid in our cool rooms, treated our skin with ridiculous amount of after-sun and our tummies with cold coffee.
And some lunch cooked in our tiny kitchen.
 But again, who stays trapped in stone buildings when beach is so close? Quick after-lunch swim it is.
 Followed by the grill dinner by the sea,wine, good laugh...

And even though we weren't spending all our time in the water, we were charmed by fascinating views.

But on those special occasions when sea 'dressed' in magic colors we went for the most enjoyable in my life night swim.
 Some night were beautifully quiet and I really wished I had been insomniac so I could spend all night sitting on the balcony. Other ones were quite stormy and scary.
 But after them sea was full of surprises.
 We met that funny guy that exact morning.
 Guess that man is used to be a star. Showtime!!!
 And after we took thousands pictures of that angry man, we let him go. That was probably the happiest moment of his day, haha.

 It was really difficult to say goodbye to that little heaven place. Our last morning was so windy and chilled, I guess ocean had a wee panic after it realized we leaving.

 We took our last cheesy holiday pics and occupied our car.
 With all our luggage, nice memories and smiles. And to be honest, there was not enough space for all that stuff :D

*Many thanks to my dear sis for all pics*

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