Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Family Road Trip X2

There was that one point during our family road trip when I realized 'That's it. That's the moment'. It was actually just a very very beginning and there were much more to see and experience, however I knew that my heart was finally full of inspiration and new ideas. It was late at night, I was sending a wee text to my bf and fell asleep the next moment I pushed a 'send' button on my phone. My feet were covered in city dust after a long day in the city of art. Nothing major happened that day, seriously. It was just one nice day with one nice friend. Well, one nice day in Florence, that's an important detail I guess.

 I think Florence is a weird city. Maybe every city is  a bit weird when you get to see it at 6 in the morning. Streets were empty and it seemed that city was still sleeping, with no 'costumes' and 'masks' for tourists' cameras and eyes. We found a place where we bought a map. At 6 in the morning, on Sunday. I know, lucky ducks! And so did our adventures begin.

 We climbed to the very top of Campanile - Bell Tower, which is just in the middle of Piazza del Duomo. Mum had enough patience to count every single step, and there were lots lots of them. I just enjoyed those nice views in the morning sunshine. To be honest Florence looks much much better when you look at it from a high spot. That was probably it - realization that if you can't change the reality, change the angle, the way you look at it.

 Well, and also eat nice breakfast. That always helps.

The marks of fresh crazy ideas perfectly complemented the ancient part of the city, old buildings and statues.

But after all I guess that was the taste of the best pistachio ice cream that gave me new energy and buzz in my head.
 And the company of these smiley faces, of course.
 And that was just one accident trip to Florence. Oh well.


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