Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Family Road Trip X6

I want to show you pictures from Dubrovnik. But first of all I want to show these pictures to myself. I know, sounds weird, but I haven't really seen that city and its beauty when I visited it. Everything I can remember is heat and crowds of people. I know how painful traveling in summertime can be, but I have never experienced something more tiring and disappointing than this short day trip to Dubrovnik. I tried to stay in shades as long as possible, but it didn't really help, to be honest. It was probably the first time when I felt so vulnerable and broken-down. Wanted to cry and disappear from this planet, but kept taking pictures, thankfully.


 For a while I though it's just too much sun, but the number of pictures proved it was real Santa enjoying some cool water in the heat!

 It is actually amazing, how beautiful that city is. Full of diversity and little cute details the one would expect from a typical tourist destination.
 I should probably give it one more chance and visit it in winter time, when it's all different, yet charming. But negative memories, and, let's be honest, way too high prices stop me from coming back anytime soon.

 And if it hadn't been that bit of sea and stone beach I wouldn't have probably survived the day.
 We were lucky enough to stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina and have a delicious lunch with some magic views. The sun stopped being that hot and cruel, and, look, we've found some energy to smile!
I guess I decided it's the best time to show these pictures, because they express how ironic our life can be. Surrounded by all the beauty we may not be able to enjoy it. I felt sort of the same way past few days when I was doing all these things I was dreaming about and my self-improving plans started to become real, and still, I am full of doubts and wonders. I really need some support right now I guess, but in the meantime I feel I am just being the source of support to others. After looking at those pictures again and again I actually come to realization that it is all here with us, we just have to learn to see all that magic, right?


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Family Road Trip X5

That magic of heat and sun in Glasgow has ended just as quickly as it started, oh well. We are not bored though. Job hunting and new exciting life plans with my crazy flatmate keep me sane and happy. We also celebrated Conor's 19th (huuraaaayy!!!), so a little bit of lazy sleep time is something I am enjoying right now haha. In the meantime I keep checking out the rest of holiday pictures I have. Love the ones from Trogir, little seaside town we visited one beautiful afternoon. Old streets full of amazing architecture details and our happy faces look perfect together. I guess this is what I loved about that town, we all were sooo happy there! 

 We finally took a full family pic, even though it was a bit of selfie...
I guess this picture counts as family picture as well :D

 I'm glad I manage to keep that enthusiasm and positive attitude even though it's been a month since we came back from that trip. Guess that is a win!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Family Road Trip X4

One more 'no clothes' day in Scotland. So hot and sunny, and don't worry I am not staying at home all day. This weather reminded me of one really hot day in Croatia when we went on a fish picnic to the island called Brac. Just sharing a few more beautiful pictures and going to have some fun in the sun.

It all began when I tried to wake my sisters up singing 'fish picnic' song and dancing as a weirdo. And oh well, guess that didn't work as well as I expected as we all were a bit quiet and moody in the beginning.
 It didn't last long though, because who can stay sad and mad surrounded by all this beauty?

 We grabbed cold coffee and went to explore old streets of the town.

 But to be honest we were more interested in shades and wind rather than details of architecture or history. Oh well.
 Still can't stay we didn't enjoy it! Just look at our stunning mamas :)
 After enjoying the grace of old town we headed to the beach and tried to fight the heat in water.
 Which was really enjoyable, as you can guess.

 The water was magic and we soon had lots of energy for wide smiles and crazy water games.
 And you know... splashing!

 I don't know why is it, that islands usually have a bit more charm than mainland. All those seaside cafes, lots of boats and cute little houses.
 We had to leave for lunch and rest we really needed.
So cheerful island birds gave us a goodbye wave. 


Friday, 19 July 2013

Family Road Trip X3

I think it is just the right time for beach holiday pictures as heatwave and tons of sunshine attacks that rainy island and there is summer in the rest of this planet anyway. So here they are!
We all decided it would be better to stay in a little seaside town with no city buzz and masses of people. I guess nice mountain/sea views were something what we were looking forward to.
  We were enjoying ourselves in the sun and cool salty water. Fishing wee crabs and splashing sea drops on each other.

And you know... just being fabulous!

When the heat started to annoy us we hid in our cool rooms, treated our skin with ridiculous amount of after-sun and our tummies with cold coffee.
And some lunch cooked in our tiny kitchen.
 But again, who stays trapped in stone buildings when beach is so close? Quick after-lunch swim it is.
 Followed by the grill dinner by the sea,wine, good laugh...

And even though we weren't spending all our time in the water, we were charmed by fascinating views.

But on those special occasions when sea 'dressed' in magic colors we went for the most enjoyable in my life night swim.
 Some night were beautifully quiet and I really wished I had been insomniac so I could spend all night sitting on the balcony. Other ones were quite stormy and scary.
 But after them sea was full of surprises.
 We met that funny guy that exact morning.
 Guess that man is used to be a star. Showtime!!!
 And after we took thousands pictures of that angry man, we let him go. That was probably the happiest moment of his day, haha.

 It was really difficult to say goodbye to that little heaven place. Our last morning was so windy and chilled, I guess ocean had a wee panic after it realized we leaving.

 We took our last cheesy holiday pics and occupied our car.
 With all our luggage, nice memories and smiles. And to be honest, there was not enough space for all that stuff :D

*Many thanks to my dear sis for all pics*