Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer 2013 - Lithuania

It was probably one of the best summer beginnings in my life. After sleepless nights, accidents and worries the plane landed in that sunny country. Amazingly warm weather and those so clearly expected rains, welcome parties with best foods and everything just so familiar. My favorite coffee machine, my favorite flowers, my favorite clothes I left at home for some reason. I had problems with money, traffic directions, with the number of changes I just didn't know about. Still, it feels so right, feels like home.

 In all that meetings/taking care of everything rush I carelessly cut my hair. So short I couldn't have looked at myself in the mirror for couple of days. Instead I kept analyzing all these things I left in my room and their purpose. Found old pictures *squirrel*squirrel* and met my old school friend. Also tried to watched my prom dvd, but turned it of after a few seconds. So good to know there is no more school in my life.

It is nice to be at home because I can become that wee annoying kid again and again and my mum tries to treat me every time she can. It gives you so much power knowing the best spots in the house, the places you feel so safe and cozy. And not only in my house. That sofa in friends house you know if it could speak we would be screwed. Or that annoying cat who have seen so much I am surprised he is still alive. It all describes that home mood, that home feeling so well.

Realization how beautiful and magic those places visited hundred of times are. Every street every corner so perfectly amazing. Especially mixed with summer heat and company of a good friend, good laugh. So nice to be with people who are YOUR friends. Ones who do not need any explanations, introductions or excuses, because they definitely know all possible pre-histories in your life. Because all inappropriate accidents with them are more than right.

Those funny little reunions, those moments when we can't stop laughing and talking even though we meet for the first time in 5 months. Grown-up discussions and silly childish behaviour. It doesn't matter how much we change as long as we are good friends, and we definitely are. 

It is only a week in Lithuania, but it feels like ages. So much is happening every day I can't enjoy it more. Missing Glasgow sometimes I keep being more and more surprised how beautiful that little country in eastern europe is, that country where my real home is.


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