Saturday, 25 May 2013


I don't now what is this blog about anymore.
It used to be about the food, and here I am, student girl who cooked proper food like a month ago.
It used to be about bright and inspiring photographs, and here I am, student girl with the only sign of photography in her life captured in these phone selfies every morning.
It used to be about becoming a student in Glasgow and here I am writing my essays the day before the deadline and hoping for a pass.
So what is it all about? 
About Patricija becoming an adult. About Patricija loosing a friend.
About Patricija being scared and tired or even pretty much destroyed. About Patricija working long shifts and spending money on one more pair of shoes. About Patricija moving into a new flat with her soulmate friend. About Patricija and her ignorance to the world around. About the fact she never gives up and smiles when her eyes are full of tears. About happy Patricija.
Because Patricija is going home.