Wednesday, 27 March 2013

'Keep blogging'- they say.

I burned my diaries. I stopped creating detailed plans. I can't even follow a simple grocery shopping list anymore. No idea, who to blame for it. Friends? Glasgow? Age? Not even sure if I really need or want the answer.
Here and now sitting in my tiny room with barely empty cup of the tea. It's me realizing how grateful I am for everything what happened this year. 

Almost 19. Almost finished my first year of the University. Feeling a bit like an adult with all these little responsibilities and great problems. Coping with countless decisions I have to make. Still the most difficult one is to choose what to have for a lunch. And yes, still loving food, still taking pictures of everything around. Yet differently. Now clearly understanding what words responsibility, trust or passion mean. Having half as much contacts in my address book, but twice as much friends.

Life has changed a bit. A  wee bit.
People say it can never be too good or too fantastic. I wonder if they've ever visited Glasgow..


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