Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January almost gone.

Nobody asked me, but I can tell you for sure that this January is the best January in my life. I came to Glasgow with very controversial feelings. I cried on my way 'home'. It sounds as such a cliché, but we never realize how much we have until we have to lose it. Or just to be far far far away from it.
But again, I have never felt so confident about my decisions before and I know that I am in the right place doing what I have to do. And, to be honest, you just can't be sad in Glasgow.
All these new experiences, changes, parties and studies - it just made me smile and laugh again.
I have just a huge to do list and every time I look at it, I panic. I tried to sort out my thoughts and plans; I sorted out my January photos instead.
Well, life is life and I just keep enjoying it.
Thanks Glasgow, thanks so much for every single minute of this magic January.

We finally went to Kelvingrove museum and Art Gallery.

We enjoyed our free/almost free student food opportunities and just breakfast at latest night.

We had a number of fun and crazy nights.

We shared our little secrets and our big smiles.

And sometimes we got lost, in jungles, streets or our minds.
But what is important, there always were 'we'.
And you guys are my magic January reasons :)



  1. I agree with u about january, 4real. Great month about people and about things to do. I dont know how correct my English, but I am trying to play with word like in Russian language) Maybe u can call it Belorussian dialect ))
    I wrote some post in my blog too, but it was too intimate and unstructured, so, I decide to close it)) All of us (two)) ) have her happiness, but maybe really different, and, about it u will read in my letter. Oh, and if it will not come to you, I make a photo of it)))